This post is long overdue. For my birthday I decided to buy myself a central vacuum system. I then let my husband know at which point he reminded me that we have housekeepers (not live in - lol- they show up every Monday) and that they vacuum the house. Good point. Ok, No central vac for me :( And then Jerry explained how when they bring in their vacuum they have obviously vacuumed other homes and are bringing along the germs and cooties along with them. Normal vacuums are not closed systems so when the air goes into the vacuum while sucking up whats on the floor and upholstery most is contained in the bag or canister but not the small particles. They flow right back out into your home. Ewwww! Who knows what all is being brought to your home? I then contacted Jerry and said, "Lets do it! I want a central vac. I deserve it. Its my birthday after all. I'm buying my own birthday present." I didn't tell my husband until the morning Jerry was scheduled to show up. That way he couldn't talk me out of it again. 

So, the same day it was installed I vacuumed out our vehicles with the garage attachments . My husband was immediately happy. He got his car vacuumed! Money well spent now. One of our vehicles is a Denali XL - a large SUV. We have three young children so there is always small bits of food, candy wrappers, grass from cleats, etc on the floor and under the seats. The interiors of our cars look great after i vacuum and I stress less about what everyone drags into the car knowing i can vacuum it out.
I am finding new areas to vacuum in the house all of the time. If you attach the crevice tool you can suck out the crumbs in kitchen drawers without having to empty the contents. I use it inside of the fridge as well on the shelves and produce drawers. 
You know when a plastic lid falls behind your drawer and you have to pull the drawer out as far as you can to reach it? Well, have a look back there. There is usually saw dust that the builder has left behind. Not anymore!
One of my favorite new things to vacuum is our St.Bernard. I use one of the upholstery attachments on her. This significantly reduces the amount of pet hair I have to vacuum up on the floors and carpet. When I use the regular floor or carpet attachments I am amazed at how much suction there is. The head of the vacuum literally pulls away from me. It can be quite a workout!

Christina Dawson 


I am so happy with my new central vacuum system. My only regret is that I did not call you sooner. I always dread having contractors in my home because something always seems to go wrong. However, this installation was great. It went quickly and smoothly. Everything was done just as you said it would be. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about my cleaning needs to ensure that the system was right for me. I was impressed by your knowledge and the confidence in your skills. The hide a hose is a great solution for our busy household. I don't dread cleaning anymore because of the convenience of my vacuum. Thank you! Thank you!

Stacy L.

Hi Jerry,

Just a quick note of Thanks for you and Ash's professional, timely, thorough, etc. etc. job of 'curing' our whole house vacuum cleaner problems earlier in the week! Our house cleaner was here mid-week and she even commented how much better the 'suck' was. You all did a wonderful job and we thank you for it!

 Thanks again...jtt

Dear Jerry,

We are writing this letter because we wanted to let you know how happy we are with our vacuum system. The central vacuum cleaner has been reliable and gets the job done from cleaning fine rugs and wood floors to vacuuming our garages and vehicles. We have a large dog which sheds constantly. The vacuum cleaner gets rid of the dog hair quickly and easily. The system is quiet, high quality and easy to use.

You did an excellent job with the installation of the system and have always been courteous and professional. Your service is prompt, reliable and friendly.

We will be happy to recommend you to our friends and neighbors as well as call you for future work.

Yours truly,
David and Kir Lieberman

Our central vacuum is amazing! I knew we needed a better vacuum system, but I had no idea it was going to suck up dog hair from the previous home owner's pet. I couldn't believe it! The suction is like nothing I've ever had in a normal vacuum or even my last two Dyson's. We've been enjoying very clean floors and carpets for a few years now and recommend Jerry Lakatos, LLC to all of our friends. It was the perfect Christmas gift for my in-laws this past year, and they couldn't be happier.

The owner, Jerry, is very professional, really cares about his customers and is dedicated to providing the best customer service. We've always been very impressed with his work and his vacuum systems.

Scott & Sarah Milgrom

We cannot say enough great things about our central vac system. The entire process was an awesome experience. Once the unit was installed Jerry explained everything to us about how to use all the components of the system and it's so easy to use and our house has never been cleaner. Our entire family suffers from allergies so the fact that the central vac doesn't kick dust up into the air has made a big difference for us.

I would recommend this system to anyone and you won't find better customer service anywhere!

Thanks Jerry!
Kristin Payne